Native Plants

Example of native plants which attract interesting wildlife. Planted two seasons ago, a maturing Buckwheat, flowering, which attracts a swallowtail butterfly, with maturing Madrone tree in the background.

Triple Circle Hardscape

Just one of the many jobs this summer. And wow! what a summer this has been so far! This is the busiest time of the year for me as a landscaper, but there are still multitudes of projects that can be done anytime of…

MC Project

Here are a couple examples of how using a combination of natural elements can make gravel paths and bridges interesting and beautiful.  

WS Project

This was a huge project that started with an incredible pond and recirculating water feature in the backyard. Just last week, we finished the entire front yard with pathways & different beds featuring many native plants.

TB Project

This project involved pond installation, fence installation, garden beds, new hardscape (brick patio and flagstone stairs). A variety of materials were used to make a natural, functional, and enjoyable outdoor space, perfect for Northwest living!